GEDO présente : Enrouleur automatique DGM
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Enrouleur enterré pour arrosage des Golfs et espaces verts

Série DGM

  • Enrouleur basse pression acier
  • avec caisson et système rétractable DGM
  • pour tuyau 3/4“
  • rappel par ressort
  • Ref. DGM 83075-OLP avec 23-25 m de flexible eau 3/4“


Direct Underground Maintenance Syringing System

Hose handling concept designed to make syringing of greens easier and more efficient and economical.
The system utilizes a Direct under-Ground Maintenance Retractable Hose Reel System ( DGM system ) Installed permanently at each green with a seventy five foot ( 75' ) 3/4" I.D. water hose ( typical ).
The system is easily and quickly accessible whenever syringing is required and just as quickly out of the way and sight when finished. The system simply tapped into existing irrigation, remains fully pressurized, and has it's own isolation gatevalve for quick easy service.
Quick coupler ends are available for easy implement attachment including the hydroject.

A few of the tangible Benefits:

  • More professional look for golf course; do not have to drag hoses from green or leave hoses on sides of fairways and greens.
  • Less interruption / inconvenience for golfers.
  • Maximizes labor efficiency by making the job easier and less burdensome to greenskeepers (takes out the monotony of the job).
  • Irrigation system can be pressurized to act as a blower for leaves and other debris on greens; this will save time and allow for a much more effective mowing process (system water must be blown out and hooked-up to a compressor)
Enrouleur série 80000

Attention :
La liaison avec l'enrouleur doit être souple et non rigide afin de ne pas risquer d'endommager le raccord tournant. En cas de liaison rigide, pas de garantie sur l'enrouleur.